Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Something Indigo

Today I took a little break from work and got fitted for my bridesmaid dress for my Brother's and Allison's wedding. Allison picked the bridesmaids dresses from a cute little shop in Pac Heights, called ...and Something Blue. I tried the dress on and they took my measurements. All in all I learned nothing. I am still a size 6 with small boobs. I will most likely have to get it altered on top and buy a really good push up bra so that I can boogie down.

The dress is a indigo crinkle chiffon strapless with an above the knee length side over drape skirt. I really like the dress. I think it is very flattering. I am so happy that it is not big, puffy or made of some tacky fabric like satin or taffeta. Alli wants us to all wear nude shoes which I think will look very classic.

Thanks Alli for having good taste! I look forward to having a sister-in-law!