Wednesday, May 27, 2009

The Black/Red/Cream Dress

I have been working on the dress and it is almost finished. I just have a few loose ends to finish up. Just in time for the Wedding Shower in Napa this Saturday. I will post a picture of me wearing it when it is all finished. I also think I can wear it for a tea party that is coming up with some ladies. I like the way it turned out. I love the colors, fabrics and print! It has a few pleats that makes the skirt puff out. It is fun to wear with the poodle skirt like bottom and it makes me feel girlie. I like the lined top part and I think I would make this dress again, but with a straight fitted skirt on the bottom just to change it up. :)

Friday, May 15, 2009


My red/black/white dress for wedding shower: I started it and I hope to work on it this weekend. It's waiting for me in the living room.

Julianne Bert's brother's wife gave me some new baby blue and yellow fabric. She also gave me some old clothes that I can use the fabric from. Thanks Julianne! I can't wait to play with it.

The Fashion Show: I watched the 2nd episode yesterday and it is still just alright.

I found a $1 men's shirt at Out of the Closet and started making the skirt out of it. For some reason it is not working. I tried and tried and gave up. It will go to where all the unfinished projects go. I will come back to it someday.

Friday, May 8, 2009

The Fashion Show Review

There's a new show on Bravo that is called The Fashion Show (how original). Since Bravo no longer has Project Runway this is their substitute. It just premiered last night. It is not Project Runway, but I thought I would give it a shot. It was alright. Bert called it "Project Sidewalk" because it is low budget and the talent is just not there. One of the girls even said that she is not very good at sewing. Come on people. That means I could be on the show :) I will watch it most likely in re-runs during the week. At least it is something till August. Now that I think about it it's pretty lame. At one point Kelly Rowland says that she wouldn't be caught dead in something. Sorry miss Destiny's Child we didn't know how great you are. "Competition is the new black" is the slogan. Yeah lame...

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Small Tote

I made this small tote last week for a friends Birthday. Her name is Molly and I forgot her Birthday. I never do this. Hers is easy to remember because it is the same as my Mom's. I was in San Diego and really busy, but that is not an excuse. So yesterday I shipped off the tote and some cd's I made. On a side note I thought today was Wednesday and showed up for my chiropractor appointment 24 hours early. I don't know what is happening with me. I guess I have too much on my mind. Back to the tote. It is small, but it is lined and has 3 small pockets on each side. I signed up for the 3 Day Breast Cancer walk over the weekend and need to fund raise like crazy. I have decided to start selling these bags and such on ETSY and have all the proceeds go towards the walk. I made the bag in about an hour and a half so I think I can make them in my spare time with left over fabric from other projects.