Friday, September 25, 2009

Coffee Date Dress Try #2

After watching The Fashion Show last season I was inspired by the winner Anna. Her creations are colorful, feminine and inspired by nature. Like the designer I want to be! So in honor and in inspiration I present to you my Coffee Date Dress. Well I guess it is more like an Espresso Date Dress because of the loud print. Since I don't drink coffee it should be my Date with the 60's Dress. It turned out a little too 60's Austin Powerish, but oh well. This is another burdastyle pattern I printed from the website. Ruffles seem to be back in fashion so how can you beat a seafoam colored ruffle. The ruffle is linen and the print is a cotton fabric in eggplant purple by Alexander Henry. I added 2 orange buttons (that my Mom brought back from Europe for me) on the back. Some fun things I got to learn how to do for this dress are: the invisible zipper in the back of the dress, an all-in-one facing, and the hem has a machine blind stitch. Your wondering where you wear such a loud dress like this, well I am going to wear it with the ladies of course and we will probably get into all kinds of Shenanigans. I have to say this has been a very hard dress to make and I thought it would have been easier since I have already made it once before.

P.S. My photo shoot was on the roof of my apartment.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Real Exciting!

Happy Monday! I know this probally isn't that exciting to most, but if you go to it shows you how a sewing machine works.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Sally's Sewings On

  • I cut out the fabric today for the new and hopefully improved Coffee Date dress. I will be working on it this week. Here's a sneak peak of the fabric:

  • This week I was walking home from work and ran across a consignment shop in a ritzy neighborhood. That's a bad thing that I found it. It is called GoodBuys, but is still pretty fancy and expensive. I was inspired by these two dresses. I tried them on and took pictures so that I can try and make similar one's.

  • I have made $28 on hemming and tailoring in the last 2 weeks. Some friends at my work found out I sew and they brought me some stuff. I hemmed a shirt and I tailored a jacket that turned out well, but when it came to the pants I struggled. Hopefully I can keep improving my skills so that I can make $ doing this to sustain my sewing hobby and to continue to make things for myself :)

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Halloween it's not just for kids...

For the last four years I have really gone all out for Halloween. Bert's creativity with his Haunted House always inspires me to create a fun costume. Since Halloween is coming up (in two months) I have to start thinking about what I want to make. The only idea I have is to be Willie Wonka and sew a cool purple velvet coat, etc. If you have any cool unique costume ideas please leave a comment. Since this is a sewing blog here are my last 4 costumes I have made. You will see Bert's handmade costumes as well.
  • Scary Princess
  • Sandy the squirel from Spongebob (I won a costume contest for this one)
  • Not a Happy Camper
  • A bathing beauty from the 1920's