Sunday, May 8, 2011

A Simple Slip Back Into Sewing

Okay so I took the month of April off from sewing. I have been busy at work and enjoying life. But now this simple slip has got me thinking about sewing again. My coworker needed a slip to go under a dress she is going to wear to her brother's wedding. She came over with a linen fabric and trim and a bottle of wine and we made what resembles a slip.

I took a tight under dress that I already had and copied the outline on the fabric, making sure to add more seam allowances so that it wasn't tight. Then I sewed the two sides together, sewed on the trim at the bottom and cleaned up the edges.
Walla the slip!

In the 1900's, silk slips were born to be worn under clothes. Women nowadays don't really wear slips anymore. Women wear more pants now because clothes are not as thin and they are lined.

Here's a peek-a-boo of the slip on Sarah!