Monday, April 12, 2010

The Hardest Button to Button

Buttons: They are used for keeping pants up, combining two sides of fabric for shirts, for decoration, they are used in place of a zipper, etc. etc. As a sewer I have quite a collection of buttons.

One way I have decided to to use buttons is to to make rings. I used my jewlery clippers to snip off the back of the rings. The back's have to be flat so that I can glue them onto the ring. Once that is done I glue gunned the buttons to the rings.

And walah, just like that I have some fun rings. They are as cute as a button (wink, wink). They go with everything, even a Sharks hockey game. :)

I found this BeBe skirt recently at a thrift store. I really liked it, but hated the buttons. So I took them off and added these plastic flower buttons.

Old one's

New one's

Buttons will eventually fall off your clothes so it's good to know how to sew back on a button correctly.

Here is an easy to follow lesson on how to sew a button:

What is the hardest button to button?

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