Monday, May 10, 2010

Rock & Roll Wedding

Last week being the selfish person I am I was thinking do I have any friends that will get married soon so that I can make another dress. Well I got my wish. A few days later I was invited by my good friend Kelly, to be her date at her co-workers wedding. Thanks Kelly! I'm glad you thought of me. It happens to be in San Diego and at the Hard Rock Hotel.

I think this dress will be perfect for a Rock & Roll wedding. I love the back. The tie at the top and the cut out. I am going to use the colorful geometric print. I think the dress will be fun and sexy. Yay no flower print. Do I have time to make it? The wedding is in 4 weeks, but I am super busy. I really really really want to make it. I am going to try, but if I don't have time I will just wear one of my other dresses.

What would go great with this dress though is some Rock & Roll jewelry. Yet again I am in luck. My friend Svetlana has just created her own line of Rock & Roll jewelry called Groupie. She designs and creates jewelry and for some of it she uses her husbands old guitar picks. Check her stuff out here: By the way I will be checking out her husbands new band The Barrel Riders this week! I am very excited to be a groupie :)


  1. thanks sal, you rock!!!

    we must hang soon and catch up!!!