Sunday, July 10, 2011

Ms. America wins Award

I was invited to the 17th Annual Billy Carter Softball Extravaganza by my man friend Drunkle Sam. What this event is, is a bunch of old friends getting together and playing baseball, bbqing and just having fun and being silly on the 4th.

The weather has been nice in SF this summer so it sounded to me like a perfect opportunity to make an outfit. I spotted a cute pattern on It was bustier top. I used the pattern and followed some of the directions, but pretty much just pieced it together as I went. I added boning and some padding from a swimsuit to make the cups. I used some scratch red white and blue fabric as well as gingham. To make it fun I added baseball themed fabric and baseball buttons. On the front I added ribbon and red balls. Yay! It was fun to design and make :)

At one point I went to catch a ball and the snap in the back broke. But being the sewing dork I am I had thread and a needle and fixed it and was able to stay in the game!

For the shorts I found some red and white pants from Goodwill. They were too big so I took them in and cut them to be shorts. I made the back pockets and sewed them on with buttons. With the leftover gingham I made a belt to tie the outfit together. Then I wore a tiny 4th of July hat. It was a fun day! Both teams I was on lost, but I did win the Reinforcements Award!
Drunkle Sam looked hot with his awesome 4th outfit! Thanks Sam for a fun 4th!

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