Wednesday, April 15, 2009


My new thing is to make a piece of clothing for a fun event or a trip. So when my parents invited me to The Big Island of Hawaii I was excited to make a dress. I didn't want just a summer light hawaiian dress. I wanted a more dressy, but relaxed dress that I could wear out to a nice dinner. I found the fabric at Fabrix on Clement and across the street at Satin Moon found a pattern that was 75% off. It was a match made in heaven. I had some real trouble with this one. It was my 1st time making something fitted and had a zipper. By the way I did not have a zipperfoot so I hand sewed the zipper which is a no no. I was working on this up until the night before the trip. It looked okay. It fit me well. When my mom saw it she could tell it wasn't up to par so she helped me fix it before I wore it. :) I took a class recently where I learned how to do a zipper and I bought a zipperfoot, so I am planning on redoing the zipper just in case I go to Hawaii again. :)

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