Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Halloween it's not just for kids...

For the last four years I have really gone all out for Halloween. Bert's creativity with his Haunted House always inspires me to create a fun costume. Since Halloween is coming up (in two months) I have to start thinking about what I want to make. The only idea I have is to be Willie Wonka and sew a cool purple velvet coat, etc. If you have any cool unique costume ideas please leave a comment. Since this is a sewing blog here are my last 4 costumes I have made. You will see Bert's handmade costumes as well.
  • Scary Princess
  • Sandy the squirel from Spongebob (I won a costume contest for this one)
  • Not a Happy Camper
  • A bathing beauty from the 1920's

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