Sunday, September 6, 2009

Sally's Sewings On

  • I cut out the fabric today for the new and hopefully improved Coffee Date dress. I will be working on it this week. Here's a sneak peak of the fabric:

  • This week I was walking home from work and ran across a consignment shop in a ritzy neighborhood. That's a bad thing that I found it. It is called GoodBuys, but is still pretty fancy and expensive. I was inspired by these two dresses. I tried them on and took pictures so that I can try and make similar one's.

  • I have made $28 on hemming and tailoring in the last 2 weeks. Some friends at my work found out I sew and they brought me some stuff. I hemmed a shirt and I tailored a jacket that turned out well, but when it came to the pants I struggled. Hopefully I can keep improving my skills so that I can make $ doing this to sustain my sewing hobby and to continue to make things for myself :)

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