Friday, October 9, 2009

My Sewing Bible

Two weeks ago I checked out an amazing sewing book from the library. It is actually the best sewing book I have seen and it just came out. It is a large book and covers every thing about sewing and many techniques. It is great because every technique has step by step photos. I am a very hand's on and visual person so this is great. Since the book just came out, I figured I couldn't find it used and it was a $40 book (sadly I can not afford that). I thought I would just renew the book till I couldn't renew it any longer and make copies of some of the pages. Atlas the reason why I am telling you this really intriguing story is that last week it came in the mail. A good friend saw my enthusiasm for the book and knew I would use it like crazy. He found a deal on-line and surprised me. It is very exciting for me. I will be using my new sewing bible all the time! If you want to learn how to sew or advance your skills I would recommend this book: The Sewing Book by Allison Smith

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