Monday, January 18, 2010

Picnic Time

I didn't finish them by Christmas. I didn't finish them by New Years, but I did finish them by Martin Luther King Day! Yeah! It's hard to find something to make for all my friends that they won't throw away and think is lame :). I used a book from the library. It's a good book that I recommend for beginning sewers. It's called Simple Sewing. I decided to make the picnic placemat project in the book. It is used as a placemat and napkin. I can just imagine bicycling somewhere and stopping and having a picnic in a park with these or for camping etc. They are double sided with a pocket for silverware. It rolls and ties up with ribbon. I made each pair with a different fabric. The fabric I used is really sturdy and they should be washable.

On to the next projects. Stay tuned...


  1. great gifts. they are darling!!!

  2. I love ours! I'm so ready for the rain to stop and go on a picnic to use them! Thank you, Sally...and nothing you ever make is lame!