Monday, January 4, 2010

My 10 sewing resolutions for 2010

1) Make my own duct tape dress form. This has been on my list of things to do. It would be very helpful with all of my projects and it will be fun to make!

2) Make vintage inspired pieces. I am in love with this dress and very inspired by it.
3) Use more recycled materials. Use materials I have or re-make items I don't like. Buy less new fabric. These dresses are made out of records.

4) Continue to be inspired by nature and my surroundings. Use more natural colors and colors I see around town. I love the colors of the edible greens growing in the concrete jungle with cigarettes as fertilizer. :)

5) Use more solid colors to make classic pieces.

6) Learn and experiment with new techniques.

7) Maybe buy or find a Serger so that I can sew with jersey, t-shirt material and stretchy fabrics.

8) Work with sexier fabrics like lace and satin. Maybe make lingerie.

9) Start to explore men's wear

10) Have fun, relax and Sew Sally Sew!!!!!!!!

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