Thursday, February 25, 2010

One Man's trash is My Treasure

This last Saturday I had my first dumpster diving experience. I was throwing debris away from our planting at a dumpster by my office. I opened the lid and there it was looking up at me. I could tell it was sad because it was thrown away. No, it wasn't a little puppie, but a dress form. Just what I needed! I jumped in and pulled it out. It was in three pieces and it wasn't dirty, just worn a little. It might be smaller than I am, but it will do for now until I make a duct tape one. With a little love and help from Bert I know that I can "make it work."

I have been pretty busy lately and I haven't done any sewing since the temp dress. I have some ideas on the brain though. I will share those soon...


  1. ha ha, you are such a hippie!!!!!!!!!

    next, you'll be diving for dumpster guacamole :)

  2. wow, hope it works!!