Monday, March 8, 2010

Scenic Outlook Ahead

Last week e-mails were going around with my friends about finding a weekend to go camping. It was looking like April, then May, then June. I couldn't wait that long, so I said to my undisclosed friend (I am respecting her privacy, since I am always telling stories of my life events) let's go Saturday. She booked us at the Escalen hot spring baths, I booked the camping spot and so it was on. My friend and I jumped in my car after work on Saturday and drove to Monterey. We picked up my amazing friend Megan, her super dog Zoey, Megan's friend Molly and drove down to Big Sur to camp for the night.

My first love will always be the Northern Cali Coastal Redwood forests, but Big Sur is an amazing place. Yes it is scenic, you can camp and hike, but for me Big Sur is about a feeling. I knew it was a short trip, but it was a good chance to bring some zen into my life, detox, refocus on what is important, and find inspiration.

I met my friend Megan at Humboldt and we have been friends ever since. She is an Eco-Goddess. She is the one person I really connect with on that level. She doesn't talk the talk she walks the walk. She always has so many projects going on at once: Monterey City Garden, she started Monterey Green Action, she runs an eco-film night, she works on bike/public transportation for the city/schools and she just started a weekly radio show where she will talk about and interview people on green issues. This is just some of the stuff she is doing. She is my inspiration and has such great energy. Whenever I hang out with her I leave energized and motivated. She also has Zoey her super dog. It's always a blast to be part of her dogs world.

My friend has been chatting up the Escalen Hot Springs for awhile now. As I mentioned in a previous entry we are big fans of hot water. The Escalen Hot Spring baths are located in Big Sur at an Institute. They are only open to the public from 1am-3am by reservation. They are located on top of a cliff 100 feet up from the ocean. They are amzazing and peaceful. It's not for the shy at heart if you don't like nudity, but it is dark. (Don't worry mom it is a very safe place and there is no 60's free love or 70's swinger stuff going on there). There's nothing like clean crisp air, the dark sky above, the sound of the waves below, and being in the middle of nowhere in the middle of the night. I recommend them if you are in Big Sur.
I have so many interests that it get's overwelming some times. Now that I have a job that fullfills my passion for nature/community it helps. It's important for me to have a work/life balance and be able to be social and creative when I am not at work. The point of all this is that being spontanious, communing with nature, hanging with good friends, having meaningful conversation, and hot springs all gave me a fresh outlook and I am inspired to put some time aside and start sewing again and writing on my blog more. As Spring closes in on us here are the projects I will be working on:

  • I want to make this sexy dress with this abstract fabric (no flowers)

  • I want to make this for my bed

  • I want to transform my Mom's large funky shirt from the 70's into something cute and fitted like the blue one
  • Cowboy shirt with this navy paisley fabric

  • Skirt- This will be my first project

  • I have been wanting a vest so I think I will just make a solid black vest maybe out of sweatshirt material or something super soft

I will stop wasting time and get to work!
P.S. Sometimes I wish I could be the female/liberal version of Anthony Bourdain and travel the world, going to nature/eco/green locations, meeting weird people, tring vegetarian foods, drinking alcohol beverages and getting paid to give my oppinion. :)


  1. hi friend,

    you're funny!!!i totally forgot i asked you not to mention my name, but i think that was a joke and only if the hot tub turned into some crazy 60's party (if you know what I mean)

    I had a great time, aside from the car sickness. Thanks for driving and taking my puke-wanting self home. I really appreciate it. Next camping road trip, I'm driving, your chillin, and we're hot tubbin again.

    till the next experience, peace and light good friend...and to my new learned heart hug...a great weekend!!!

  2. don't we all!!! lu m