Monday, March 22, 2010

My Birthday came early this year

Last week I received a surprise cash money deposit in my bank account from my parents and a wonderful diy present from Bert. Bert refurbished my dress form that I found in the dumpster. He removed the 4 legs and made a circular stand, added 4 wheels, painted it black, and fixed it so that the bottom could screw together with the body. Now I can move it around my room easily. Thanks Bert, your the best!
Can you just imagine me dancing with my new body double? We can spin around the room looking into each other eyes.....oh wait my body double doesn't have a head. :) No need to imagine *insert Sally's dream sequence here.....
The dress form is really going to help me with my projects. I didn't think it was the right size, but after putting this dress that fits me on it, I think it is pretty similar to my body type.
I will be 29 on Wednesday. "If you didn't know now you know." I used to think that 29 was old for the first half of your life, but I feel young! I think the video proves it. I don't have a husband, a house with a white picket fence or kids, but those aren't aspirations of mine (although I am looking for a man). As I go into my 29th year on earth I think anything is possible and that's a pretty great feeling. I've also got to say that I have had the most fun in my late 20's then other time in my life. I have a feeling this will only continue.
For the last 5 years I have tried to have a large birthday celebration. I try and get all my friends together from different times in my life and have like a reunion/b-day get together. That takes a lot of planning, organizing and coordination and it can get stressful. So this year I am keeping my b-day mellow. Drinks Wednesday night with the girls for sure and on Saturday my friends and I are going to an indoor rock climbing place. Yeah!


  1. your dressform is a good dancer-oh, and you too

  2. that dress form rocks almost as much as you do Sally!

  3. omg, your dream dance sequence is amazing, paul simon, your amazing dance moves, you!!!happy early birthday you sexy young thing