Tuesday, July 20, 2010

60's or 70's Recycle

Remember yesterday when I said that I would work on this project, well I started it yesterday and finished it today. My Mom gave me this shirt a long long time ago because I loved it! It is hers from the the 60's or 70's. Who knows? And really who cares? It's way before my time. Well it was very large and not very stylish, but I kept it around and it went from apartment to apartment with me.

First off I want to say that anyone could make this:
1 large button down shirt (Men's or Women's), 1 yard at most 1" elastic, & thread
You can go to http://www.craftstylish.com/item/64305/mens-shirt-makeover to see complete instructions.

I made three changes. I made the straps cross in the back. I think it makes it sexier. I added a fabric flower from the same fabric with a button in the middle. Lastly I added a little belt. I think all of these additions make it cuter. :)

First cut off the top of the shirt.

Cut approximately 2 inches from each side.
Then sew the sides together.
Then make a casing at the top and put the elastic in.
Then make two straps and the belt.

And wallah!!!!!! A cute updated recycled summer top! I hope my Mom thinks I gave it justice :)

P.S. The colorful Love painting was created by Svetlana and I think it goes great with my new shirt!


  1. This shirt is so awesome, who woulda thought & it looks so cute on you- thx for the shout out so glad you like it, you're a great friend.