Monday, July 19, 2010

Beignet finished! What's next??

I finished the Collette Pattern: Beignet skirt last Friday. It felt so good to finish a project. I think it turned out just like I wanted! I haven't had time to do a photo shoot with it yet, but I will.

I used a Amy Butler cotton fabric and I lined the skirt with a blue/purple thin fabric. There is no zipper. It has 12 buttons down the front that fit the two sides together. I individually covered all of the buttons with the same fabric I was using. I bought a button making kit and it was so easy to make these. I will probably be making all my buttons this way.
The skirt also ties at the top with a belt and belt loops. Which is good cause the skirt is a little big, but very comfortable.

I am so excited to be sewing again!

What's up next?

My Mom's 60's shirt re-design and Bed Pocket

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