Thursday, March 8, 2012

Sick Bored Sewn

My life has been non-stop for some time now. I have been keeping busy for many reasons. It has been fun, but it caught up to me this week when I caught what was going around the office. It has had me laid me up for the past few days. The first few days all I could do was sleep because I was in so much pain. But today I decided to catch up on Project Runway Allstars. I think I watched like 5 episodes. Fashion does make me a very happy girl. Even when I'm not creating and I'm super busy it is always on my mind.

Needless to say Project Runway inspired me to work on some projects today:

I hemed these shorts...
I have had this shirt forever, that I got from a thrift store many years ago. I have loved the print, but never wore it. It had long sleeves. So I took the sleeves off and now I think it will make a cute top.

Kelly gave me this romper over a year ago. It was too big so I opened the top, cut out some of the elastic and now it fits great. It looks great on. Hello summertime! 

Lastly and my favorite project is Western/Mexican embrodiered shirt that I have had probally since high school that I got from a thrift store. The sleeves always bothered me. So I decided to just roll them up. I cut the openning in front deeper, to make it sexier. I then cut the ruffles (I love ruffles!) from this really tacky red shirt and sewed them on the neckline of the western shirt.
I love this new shirt now! It's got a little red flare, ruffles, embroidery! Can I say more. I am seeing me wear it with shorts and red boots. Can't wait :)

Off to bed...

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  1. this was the shirt that kicked off NYC birthday weekend ~ and you rocked it!