Monday, January 23, 2012

Orange & Turquoise, I love you around my neck!

I love the color combo of orange and turquoise. It's like candy to my eyes. At our holiday Crafternoon Alex showed us how to make these t-shirt scarfs. I made this black/grey/purple one for my Mom for the holidays.
I have been wanting to make my own. You always have extra t-shirts laying around. I have a ton of old work out shirts and pj tops. Being the "hoarder" that I am I also have t-shirts from different times in my life that I keep for nostalgia reasons. Mostly of bands I have liked or places I have visited and I have to admit I still have some of the animal rights shirts that I made in screen printing in high school. :)

I got the soft turquoise shirt at the last clothing swap and I have been using it to sleep in, but I love the color so it''s a shame to only wear it to bed. I also had this bright orange t-shirt that I love. I have never worn it because it is a really hard t-shirt fabric and the fit is weird, but I have kept it since I was in high school. I went to Costa Rica with my Mom and we visited the Caribbean Conservation Corporation. North of Tortuguero village, the CCC operates a research station for turtles that has a small visitor center and museum. This is where I bought the shirt. The coolest part of Tortuguero is that there are no roads. It's all on water and we had to take a boat to get there. Anyway that's why I have never parted with the shirt even after 15 years. Yep. So what a good chance to use it and continue the memory.

This is the easiest project ever. It takes about 15 minutes at most. You just need scissors.

I added some of my own special touches...I cut a strip of orange to tie it in back with a bow. I braided some other strips and tied it to the front.

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