Sunday, July 12, 2009

The Junior League Skirt

Lately I have been busy training for the 3-Day and sewing. Today was a training day and I just completed 13 miles. If it seams I am sewing a lot, I am. As long as I am not working that much I am trying to enjoy life without spending much money. Awhile ago I found The Junior League's thrift store on Fillmore. In the sale area I found some fabric that was $3. It is one of many fabrics I have had in my fabric pile waiting to be made into something . Yesterday I decided to make a skirt with it. I used the "Sew What Skirts" book and made a pattern. This is an a-line skirt like the vintage skirt I made, but it is longer and instead of a zipper it has a drawstring waist. I really liked the way it turned out, but I just noticed that the stripe at the bottom is a little crooked. Tomorrow may be a sewing day........stay tuned!

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