Thursday, August 27, 2009

My New, Old Sewing Machine

Probably about a month ago I acquired a new to me, but old sewing machine. It was one of Bert's mother's sewing machines. After she passed away it traveled across the U.S. I feel truly honored to be able to have it and use it to continue in her footsteps. It is a Singer Athena 2000 from 1975. It was the world's first electronic home sewing machine. I haven't had time to play with it, but I did download the manual for it and read through it.

I do love the sewing machine I have which is a small blue Kenmore Ultra Mini. I love the size so that I can take it with me to class etc. So far it has been able to make what I wanted, but the Athena is going to be able to go way beyond the Mini. It has so many more stitches and you can just tell it will be more powerful. I just hope that my Mini won't think it is getting replaced.

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