Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Hot Tubbin into the New Year

I just finished this bathing suit just in time for summer! Well I have been meaning to make one and I just now got around to it. It figures it's winter. I was practically raised at the beach growing up. I have many fond memories of Torrey Pines, San Elijo and Miramar. Needless to say I have gone through quite a few bathing suits. Nowadays I am lucky if there are two sunny days a year where it is hot enough to wear a swimsuit. That's okay because living in Northern California for 9 years I am nice and white.

Even though I don't get to wear them at the beach I do get to use them in hot tubs. For some reason every time my friends and I go somewhere there has to be a hot tub. We call it Hot Tubbin USA. Don't ask me why the fascination. I think it has to do with city life??

I used a Quick Sew pattern from 1979 and it was quick. I made this in about 5 hours give or take. I used a 4 way stretch fabric that I love. I used elastic and added two buttons for fun. The fabric was $6.95 a yard and the elastic was $2.20 so all and all this suit cost me at the most $13. Take that Roxy! I think it is really sturdy and I can't wait to be Hot Tubin USA this Thursday night! I wish everyone a Happy New Year!

P.S. Stay tuned in 2010 for a Little Yellow Dot Bikini...

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