Saturday, August 28, 2010

Juice: My inspiration for the week among other random things

What's going on with me you ask?

Thanks for asking, let's you have a minute?
I find myself heartbroken and single again. It was a tough couple of weeks there. Among all the advice a good friend told me that I am loyal. That has stuck with me. I have never been described in that way and it got me thinking. She's absolutely right and that is why I always get hurt. So I have been reassessing my life and looking at my strengths and faults. I have also been doing a lot of thinking how weird and un-understandable (is this a word?) humankind, relationships and society is. With every relationship I am learning more and more in what I want in a partner. I am very fortunate to have such wonderful and supportive friends and family in my life. I am back to myself again and have started dating. For now I am looking to lay low and to just have fun.
Onto more fun things:
Last weekend I went to Cafe Gratitude with a friend for a juice. I usually don't go for juice, but we both needed something healthy. Cafe Gratitude is a raw and totally hippie place, too hippie. Anyway I got the "I am worthy, Blood Tonic" juice. It had kale, beets, celery, apple, and ginger. It was gross, but good at the same time. 15 minutes later I was as happy as I have ever been and felt great. I took a cab home, which I seldom do. The cabbie said I was so happy and that he never met anyone with such a great personality and outlook. I can usually tell when guys are lying to me. He gave me a large discount on the fair and wanted to be friends with me. Kind've weird. It could have been the sunshine, hanging with Megan, just feeling better about life, but it could also have been the juice. So I went out and bought a juicer and a crap load of fruits/veggies and have been juicing since. For $13 I have been making zen choy, carrot, lemon, beet, apple, celery, and lemon juice. I have also have been running in Golden Gate Park almost everyday. It has been good for my mind, body and spirit. Even though that sounds cheesy, it's true.

Last week yahoo profiled the blog: It is amazing. She has decided to take 365 days and make 365 new items of clothing with $365 by using items she finds at flea markets, vintage stores and garage sales. They all turn out really cute.
The two sewing projects that I will work on this week have been inspired by: love, lack of love, being single, warm weather, juice, running, vintage, remaking clothes and feeling healthy. Wow that's a lot of inspiration.

I bought this skirt from Community Thrift last week. I love the fabric, but the skirt is ugly. I am going to make it a A-line skirt and take out the pleats. I will shorten it as well to show off my legs :)

The next project is pj's/lounge wear. I will make a bralette and some knickers with this Collete pattern. Oh la la...

Till next time...

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