Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Your not gonna find any bling here!

I promised my friend Molly that I would make her a pair of earrings before she left for Europe. Well she got back 2.5 months later and I still hadn't made them. So yesterday I made them and mailed them off along with two rings to make up for my procrastination.

The wood shape beads I got at an awesome bead store in Chico. http://www.stringbead.com/ I
recommend stopping in if you are ever in Chico.

Again I used buttons to make the rings.

As long as I was making jewelry, I ran with it and went crazy! I made a silly ring for Svetlana for her 35th B-day and I made myself:

a hair thing
Oh how I love hair things!

a necklace
I got this copper/painted charm from the Chico bead store. Someone made it in one of the classes that they offer and didn't want it so I added a chain and clasp. If planting trees wasn't enough now I can have one around my neck.

two pairs of earrings

I also got the metal beads on the left in Chico. I told you it was a unique bead store. The green leaves on the left are made out of plastic and are super light.
Now back to sewing...

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