Sunday, August 29, 2010

My skirt got down to Motown


I finished remaking the skirt i mentioned in my previous post. I started it on Saturday and a few hours later I had an outfit for the night.

(Bare with me I'm not a model)
I bought the long ugly skirt at Community Thrift for $6. They give all of their proceeds to different charities in the Bay Area. I really loved the fabric and I thought the $6 was worth it. The fabric is a light twill.

First I cut the skirt open, so I had one piece of fabric. Then I took a basic a-line skirt pattern that I have and cut out the three pieces. I cut out the fabric so that I could keep the original hem at the bottom (less work for me). I took out the pleats, shortened it, added a longer zipper, and made a waist band. I added a button closure in the back. And whala, it went from frumpy to lovely in just a few hours. I love when I can make something to wear the day I need to wear it :)

I did wear it out that night (not just in my room) to Faisal's 30th B-day celebration. The skirt got down to a motown/soul dance party and held up.

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