Saturday, September 4, 2010

Staghorn Fern Wall Mount

Your probably wondering what the heck a Staghorn Fern Wall Mount is? No it's not a new sexual position...

On Thursday evening I took the "Staghorn Fern Wall Mount" class at the Workshop. This is where I played ping pong at a few times previously. I finally decided to take a class there. As you know, I know trees, but I don't know that much about plants. I have been wanting to start learning more about plants and gardening. So here's a start...

Staghorn Ferns (or Elkhorn Ferns) don't need soil to grow in, so they make a good medium for the wall. They also grow and look like antler's which is cool cause I don't hunt and instead of a deers dead antlers on the wall, I have a living thing that keeps on giving. :) The teachers provided the reclaimed wood and drift wood in which you use to put the Sphagnum Moss on and then the fern on top. The moss is like a sponge and holds the water in which the fern uses. I just have to take it off the wall once a week and water it. I think mine will look better once the antler's grow longer.
The couple that teach the class love plants. Check out their blog at
You decide:

or Fern's on your wall??????

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  1. Interesting-I've always loved these, so cool that you took the class. Can't wait to see how it grows!!