Monday, October 11, 2010

Laffing Sal isn't funny

I know the next few weeks will be busy and to avoid stress at the end about my costume, I designated today as "working on my costume day," because Halloween is right around the corner. I thought it would be appropriate to be Laughing Sal this year for Halloween. It's easy retro and very San Franciscan.
Laffing Sal was an automated character that was in front of the Funhouse at Playland. The gap-toothed, red-haired, plaster icon terrified generations of kids with her raucous laugh at San Francisco's defunct Playland-at-the-Beach. Playland-at-the-Beach was a magical place.
Today I hit up Goodwill and Thrift Town and found most of my costume: jacket, shirt, hat, ribbon and lace.
I still need a black tooth, white skirt and some bubble wrap to make me fat and jolly. I will have to do a little sewing then I can work on my creepy laugh.
Check out her laugh and see her in action at:

This year I will be manning the front of the "Scarecade." My friend Bert (Carnival Barker)usually makes a Haunted House, but this year he is making an arcade in his garage. He made a skee ball and a whack a ghoul. He has plans to make a scary devil basketball throw, a cemetery ring toss and a shooting gallery. I think the neighborhood kids will love it and the parents always know who I am dressed up as.
My inspiration for the costume came from seeing the movie "Remembering Playland" at my local theatre documenting the amusement park. It was also located at Ocean Beach at the western edge of San Francisco along the Great Highway, close to my neck of the woods. It opened in 1913 and finally shut down in 1972.

A great museum called Playland-not-at-the-Beach has opened up in El Cerrito. It is a great place to spend a few hours, seeing old artifacts and playing. They also, have over 30 pinball machines on free play.
What are you going to be for Halloween??????

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  1. Now I understand your costume! :) You are awesome!