Friday, October 1, 2010

"Your Ouffed"

Okay so I could never be on Project Runway for many reasons. First because I wouldn't finish in time. I would be the person still sewing it onto the model. Another reason would be that they would portray me as a bi-polar alcoholic. One moment she's cracking people up and saying inappropriate things and the next minute I would be crying (well maybe then they would keep me on for a few episodes for the ratings) and then they would cut to me drinking out of my flask. Tim would be saying that drinking is not a good way to use my time and that I won't have a critical eye if I have beer goggles on....stop me now....
Anyway per my previous post the challenge was to take something you already own and make it into something new. I took this tunic top and this terrible skirt and made it into a dress. I had to submit it by 9 pm last Thursday. I made this dress pretty much the day before the deadline and the photo shoot took place two hours before the deadline. And the submission happened right at 9 pm. It was probably even past due. BIG FAIL!!!!!! "Your ouffed" as Heidi would say.

How did I make it you ask. Well I first cut most of the tunic off. Then I cut the the back of the tunic and the skirt in half. I then sewed the two together. Then I made the top so that you could see my back. I cut the skirt shorter and hemmed it and took that fabric and sewed two pieces across the back. I added an invisible zipper and a button in the back as well.
On Thursday after work I threw it on and went on "location" for the photo shoot. It took place down at the old Sutro Baths. Bert set up the shots and took the pictures. I liked using the props. It was pretty fun. Cold, windy, rainy, dangerous conditions... The life of a model is not what it is cracked up to be. :)
On it's gotten over 200 views and someone favorited it.
(flask shot)

Life has been hectic. With work, a packed social life and dating I haven't had much time to myself. The Sally time I do have I am running, juicing and I have started writing my comedy routine. I still haven't seen last weeks Project Runway and will not see this week's either. That's how busy I am. San Francisco is where I am supposed to be and I will be here for a long time, but it sometimes gets overwhelming. There is too much to do and too many events.
I can't believe it's October and for me that means I need to start cracking on my Halloween costume. A post about that coming soon. This month I also want to start making a simple engagement party dress for my brother and his fiance's party. Some other projects I have in my head are a red dress for my 30th Birthday and a rehearsal dinner dress for my brother's wedding. I would make a dress for the wedding, but I am in the wedding party. Yay! Thanks Allison. I can't wait!

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