Monday, October 18, 2010

The Box, Staghorn's, Updates & Balance

The Box:
About a month ago I was given this green box. It is a box full of craft supplies, stickers, cards, etc. The purpose is to go through it and take what you want and put in it things that you don't want or need anymore. It's a pretty good system. I finally went through it on Saturday. It was fun to go through. I took a few things and put a few things in. I will now pass the box on...

Staghorn Party:
On October 9th I had my Staghorn making party. Well not quite a party, but a few people did show up. That day was crazy. I had a planting the day before and had nothing ready for the party. I had to get up early Sunday. I woke up regretting having the party because I wasn't feeling well, had nothing ready and the apartment was dirty. I went across town and bought the ferns at an amazing nursery called Flora Grub. I also went to Michaels and Bev Mo for supplies and then to the beach to find drift wood to mount the ferns to. Lastly I picked up power tools and screws, etc. from a friend to use.
I hope every one's fern is surviving, but if it dies please don't tell me. The ferns party turned into us going out dancing in the Castro. Random!

Why am I having this party???
A guy asked, Are you building a house? No man I'm collecting wood for a craft party. Do you want to come?
Party in the back of my car!!!!

I think they all turned out great!

My Halloween costume is almost finished. I just have a few things to stitch and it's done.

I cut out the pattern last night for a dress I am making for my brother's engagement party in November.

I am moving Dec. 1st. No not out of San Francisco, but to a neighborhood in San Francisco. The first place I looked at, I took. I will still have roommates, but the place is very chill. My room has a view of the Golden Gate Bridge and a balcony. There is a huge backyard, which I am allowed to plant up and have a garden. I have already recruited co-worker's to help me start a garden and landscape. I am super excited!!!!!

I have been in a funk this week. Work has been stressful, I haven't been sleeping and I have noticed I am gaining weight. I haven't really been inspired and haven't been my funny peppy self. On Wednesday I am going to Venice Beach for a few days with a friend. We rented a little studio and I am super excited. Our plan is to relax, beach it, go to vintage shops, ride bikes, go out and dance, and I hopefully I can run on the beach every day. I hope to find inspiration in the funky people in Venice. I know this mini trip will bring my spirits back and I hope to find balance again in my life and to appreciate my my job again.


  1. I'm glad you are enjoying the box! I also thought it was pretty fun! I'm also glad you had the staghorn fern party! My fern looks awesome in my living room.:)

  2. Thanks again for having that staghorn fern party. :) Mine is still alive! <3