Saturday, November 20, 2010

Nothing to wear

When I went to my closet today after work I thought it looked like this.

I have nothing to wear! Oh no what am I going to wear tonight?

Well I can make a shirt, I thought and I did. I made a cowl style shirt using old directions I had on how to take a muumuu and turn it into a cute top. I didn't use a muumuu, but I used fabric I already had. By the way, cowl means a neckline where excess fabric is draped in soft folds.

I couldn't find the directions on-line to post, but here is another tutorial:

Basically you take a top that fits you well, trace it onto the fabric and cut it out. Then to make the front cowl part, you lay out the part you cut out and rotate it a bit so that there is more fabric to drape. The more you rotate the more drape you have. It looks like I rotated mine way too much! Trace and cut. It only take a few hours and you have a new top. I used a very stretchy fabric and kept the shirt long, so that I could wear it long or short. The front is super low. I'm wearing my new top to a show in Chinatown tonight.

My closet really looks like this and I do have many things I could have worn. :) But what's the fun in that?

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