Thursday, November 18, 2010

You know you love it.

I loved my mini vacation to Venice, CA with Alexandra. It was fantastic. Even though I am not a fan of Southern California, "You know you love it", was in the back of my head. As soon as we walked off the plane in LA, Gina Davis walked by us. Hello Hollywood! Well that's what I hear. I also missed Dave Matthews walking right by me on The High Line in Manhattan last week. Oh well.

The first night we were in Venice, Alex gave me bangs and a makeover.
(You can take the ugly out of Sally, but you can't take the goofiness from Sally)

Usually this wouldn't be blog worthy, but this is the first time I have had bangs. See for yourself the before and after shots. It was a change I needed and it has upped my confidence. I am going to dye my hair a pomegranate/chestnut color and grow it out a bit. I haven't dyed my hair or grown it out since high school. Wish me luck.

While in Venice we hit up quite a few vintage shops. We both love vintage and shopping. Here are some awesome outfits I found.
I loved these capri's, but Alex wouldn't let me buy them.

This dress was literally falling apart, but I sure do look good in it. It gave me inspiration to make my own.

Nothing says sexy like a two piece mickey mouse outfit. I don't think I gained inspiration from this one.

To my surprise there was a fabric store at the end of our street and a few others in the neighborhood. I bought this funky yellow fabric, but I don't know what I will make with it yet.

Below are my "Livin the Lifestyle" LA model shots, palms shot (i love nature, even if it's palms) and a very stylish attractive MC at the club we went to. Enjoy!

I will be back to sewing soon!

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