Saturday, November 6, 2010

Philly Style

I leave tomorrow for a business trip with all my fellow co-workers to Philadelphia, New Jersey & Manhattan. Were going to the Alliance for Community Trees Meeting and Partners in Community Forestry National Conference, both which are in Philly. Then we are staying at the Executive Director's family's 2,000 acre tree farm in New Jersey, where there will be a hot tub and nice trails for running and lastly we will be in Manhattan for a private tour of the Highline. Way cool!!!!

I should be asleep, since I had a tree planting this morning, but two things have hindered me from getting some shut eye. First, I looked up Philly style to see if anything would come up on what people are wearing and I got this:

So now I am wondering how I will be able to resist one of these late at night. Secondly I am wondering how I am going to fit all my clothing I want to take into my suitcase.

I know this trip will be interesting, educational, and fun, but what will make it awesome is if I bump into a fabric store, vintage store, or a veggie cheesesteak place and then it will be magical.

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