Thursday, August 6, 2009

Flowered Friendship Dress

Yeah done...well almost done. Here is the dress I made for Whitney's wedding. My Flowered One Strap dress for the Japanese Friendship Garden. I love it! I think it turned out great. I just finished it with 30 minutes to spare. I am going to bed soon, leaving for San Diego after work tomorrow and wearing it Saturday. Leave it to me to save it till the last minute. It is pretty much done except for some hand sewing and pressing. The dress has a zipper on the side, 1 strap, a slit in the back, 4 darts (2 in front and 2 in back) and 4 pleats (2 in front and 2 in back. I have to say I really struggled with the 1 strap. After several attempts I finally came to the conclusion that I just would never understand the instructions and I didn't want to waste any more fabric so I ended up hand sewing the strap on to the bodice.
After the wedding I will post more pictures, let you know how it went over and how it held up.

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