Friday, December 11, 2009

Wake me up when it's Spring

It has been really cold and rainy here and is now officially winter time in San Francisco. As with the change of seasons my body goes through it's natural cycle of change (hibernation mode). I crave more calories and more sleep. I am still finding motivation some where to stay active and work out so that I can improve my energy level and mood, but I don't want to fight the cycle. I am eating more heavy foods and trying to get more sleep. I know that this doesn't have to do with sewing yet, but it will. Just stick with me...
I received a request from my Mom to make her Christmas present. She wants me to make her an apron. I don't think she cooks any more unless she's entertaining, but I will full fill the request. To combat the winter blues I have chosen the fabric below to make the apron and want to make it as fun as possible. My mom loves the beach, traveling, umbrella's, cocktails and palm trees, basically all things San Diego. I like the colors of the fabric and I want the apron to have a retro feel. I am not going to use a pattern and just go with the flow. I found this picture and I might take some ideas from it. Hopefully when it's done I can post a picture of my Mom wearing it and cooking me a fabulous vegetarian meal. :) If anyone has an idea of something they want me to make them please let me know. As long as I am capable of it and you provide me a meal. Just kidding. The hardest part is coming up what you people would like.

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