Sunday, January 22, 2012

From Salton Sea to the New Year

The day after Christmas my two co-workers flew down and spent a day or so in San Diego and then we made our way back up to San Francisco.
In San Diego we rode bikes at the beach and ate Mexican food. My favorite! There was also an octopus sighting and Derek held hands with in for a bit. Then the shorts saga started. We went to about 4 different Old Navy's. I don't like Old Navy. I think it is pretty cheap and boring. Also, it's not a very environmentally responsible company. Anyway my coworker needed to exchange a sweatshirt he got for Christmas so we ended up going. While there I found this $11 pair of short metallic jacquard shorts. I went to buy them and the line was too long and the sun was too nice outside to waist any more time. So I didn't buy them and off to the beach we went. I started to obsess about them (as any clothing lover would) and before we left San Diego we went to 3 other Old Navy's. No luck. I ended up buying them on-line for $11. I haven't worn them yet, but I can't wait. I love wearing shorts. Shorts post to come. I also bought a giraffe and koala mask while in San Diego at this amazing craft store. wish I knew about it when I lived there.

Then we drove through the countryside (Emmu egg stand), through Julian, the Anza Borego Desert and to my highlight The Salton Sea. We only stayed there for an hour or so, but I loved every second. (Post to follow on Salton Sea). The Salton Sea was killing Derek's spirit. It was all the death and he was not having fun.

We then moved on to Palm Springs and stayed there for two nights. We ran in the desert, layed by the pool, drank margaritas, relaxed in the hot tub, went dancing, went to a fun party store where I got a few things and just soaked up any sun we could.

We returned back to the city the night before New Years. NYE I joined my man and his friends for a roving rug dance party with boom box, large carpet, disco ball all in tow for a fun filled night.

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