Saturday, January 14, 2012

Where to begin...

Where do I begin? My last post was about my Halloween costume, well I have been creating, I just haven't had time to blog about. While the rest of SF watches the 49ers game I have decide to catch you up on my most interesting projects and life since The Lorax.

Nistertion appetizer

This is one of the things I made and brought to my man's parents thanksgiving dinner. Nistertions were blooming and have a very spicy favor. You can eat the flowers too. So one day after work I went foraging in Land's End Park where I have found some in previous years. I had not luck, I looked in many places and it was starting to get dark. I was determined to not give up so I stopped in Sutro Heights Park and whala there were tons. Many people were walking there dogs, so I tried to pick and forage all the big leaves and pretty flowers as discretely as I could. I'm not good at that. I must have looked so suspicious, but I got what I needed. I washed them very well. I made quinoa and added some blue cheese dip to it. I put that mixture inside the leaf and rilled it up. There you have it a hippy foraged vegetarian appetizer and it looks pretty with the edible flowers on top.  People actually liked it!

Santa's vs. Other Holidays Dance Party
I love to dance and I love costumes so here you have a Sugar Plum Fairy, ?, and I'm a pink Cowgirl.

Alexandria's Holiday Crafternoon

Alex had a ladies crafternoon. It was pretty fun. We all made random things will stuff we all brought. I made some funky ornaments. The things that I did like that I made were a:

T-shirt Scarf
I gave it to my Mom as a present. I took two old t-shits and cut them like so. See directions below to make yourself one.

Holiday Hair Bling
I also made some Holiday Hair clip accessories. I wore them to a Secret Santa party, Holiday Party and my Holiday Gift exchange. They are really wacky and fun.

Sally's Gift Exchange

This year I decided to make everyone infused oil and vinegars for the Holidays.
I went to different Re-Use shops around the Bay Area and scavenged for empty bottles to fill with oil and vinegar. I made labels and stickers. I used my oil and I really like it. I am glad to say that no one has got sick from it.

Olive Oil: rosemary, garlic, basil
Peanut Oil: lemongrass, garlic, lime leaves, ginger
Red wine Vinegar: cloves, orange peel, thyme
Red wine Vinegar: rosemary, lemon peel

I had the gift exchange at my house...I wore my X-mas sweater I made a few years ago. People made some awesome stuff. I got these cute cookies from Kelly (wearing a romper), homemade Terrarium and vintage pea pod ornament from Alex, handmade friendship bracelet and amazing earring from Svet and a fire starter kit and Anthro mug from Jenn. It was a good time! Thanks all for coming.

For the holidays I drove down to San Diego. I visited with my folks for a few days. We had a good time. Made really yummy Butternut Squash soup, went to Urban Coccina, went to see a really bad musical, ate lots of Mexican food, layed out, got a haircut, washed my car......I got some really great gifts: Pens to write checks with that people can't wash (Thanks Dad! Kinda obsolete) and a Earthquake survival kit. Awesome! I got some other great things too don't worry.

Wow I am almost caught up! This is where I will leave you for now. I will go back to writing shorter posts. I have made some clothes. Stay tuned, but I AM BACK!!!!

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