Sunday, January 22, 2012

Two is Better than One

Last year I received some hand me downs from Jon's friend. I receive most of my clothing from hand me downs, clothing swaps, and thrift stores.

The piece that stood out was a floral dress that she never wore because the fit was a little off. I liked the fabric so I decided to take it and work with it. The top was too big for my boobs, but I decided to make it into a cute little top and a skirt. The skirt I decided would be easier.

I loved the ruffles and didn't want to get rid of them, so I cut the dress in half. I now kinda had a skirt but it was too big and I needed to make it so it would stay on. I took a thick piece of elastic I already had and cut it to the length I needed to fit around the skirt. I folded down the skirt the width of the elastic and made a loop around. I then inserted the elastic in and sewed that. It was really easy. I think I did it in an hour and wore it that night. I really like how it turned out. It's a cute frilly casual skirt.

Now the top was a lot harder. I wanted it to fit my boobs, but also be a cute little top to wear under shirts. I decided to add the white eyelet trim I had to the bottom so the seam wouldn't show and to make it cuter. Not thinking, doing this made it so the elastic at the bottom wouldn't work and so with out a zipper or button I couldn't put it on. I had to cut the seam on the side and I thought to put a zipper in. Putting a zipper in was a night mare. I cut it too short and the zipper wasn't long enough. Even after taking more in to make it fit my boobs it didn't work. As of now I am going to buy another zipper to sew in that is long enough. Then to make it fit better I am going to attach a strap to the top to keep it up. It's a top in progress. I will have eventually made two pieces of clothing out of one! Yay recycling!

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