Sunday, November 22, 2009

Lazy River

(This one's my favorite)
I came across a postcard today that I bought in Guerneville when I was up there for the wedding in October. Every time I look at it, it makes me smile. Primal Vision Studio is a design center in Guerneville that creates "high performance creature costumes and effects, with an emphasis on naturalistic animals." The costumes are amazing. They are custom made and they take around 3 months to make. They teamed up with a local photographer Gregory Hayes to create these funny photographs. They are so silly. I think it is great that they are able combine their art of costume making and photography. Friends are always coming up with ideas of ways that I could make money on the side by selling things I could make. One friend thinks that I should somehow make custom costumes for people in the city. I think it is very do able because people here wear costumes year round, but I would need to come up with a way to market that service.

Here are two more I couldn't attach that are cute of a fox and a coyote roasting marshmallows on their camping trip and 2 coyotes sking.

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  1. i love these...maybe you can start marketing your costume designs around burning man...i see burning man posts all the time. check craigslist or maybe a blog or post on burning man websites...