Friday, November 20, 2009

So many blogs so little time

I have found myself following more and more blogs. I follow my friends, fun, inspirational or entertaining ones, cooking ones, etc. There one just about for everything. I can spend hours reading them when I know I should be working on my own creative process. Tonight though I came across the Make Shift Project blog:

"MakeShift is an art and research project that examines the relationships between 'making', 'clothing' and 'living'. The basic premise for the project is that for a period of one year starting on September 1st, 2009, I will only wear things that I have made myself. Initially this may seem like a reasonable task, but it will include all of my clothes, socks, shoes, underwear, coats, jackets, hats, bathing suits, accessories and anything else I might need to protect my body from the elements while trying to lead a fulfilling life. Beyond being a nail-hammering, speed-sewing, room-pacing, hair-raising, life-enriching personal challenge, I hope to gain some understanding of the limitations of clothing and how they affect the development of ideology. Ultimately, I would like to examine the role of clothing as a form of cultural production."

For once I can't really explain in words how I feel about this. I will just say that I find this very interesting...

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