Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Willie wonktress

This year I decided to be Willie Wonktress, Willamenia Wonka, Willa Wonkarita, The candy woman, call me what you will I was a female version of Willie Wonka. I think it was the worst sewing job I have ever done., but all and all it turned out okay. Bert does a Haunted House for the kids in our neighborhood and I am the door person/crowd control. I estimated that we had 300 people go through and had a party afterwards. I would have to say most knew who I was.

I used the coffee date dress pattern for the dress part of the costume. I used a khaki fabric and a fruit print fabric like the lickable wallpaper in Willie Wonka. I used Vogue pattern # 8601 for the velvet purple jacket. I designed the hat with the lollipops, but Bert made it. He took a regular top hat, heightened it, cover it with fake sued and put holes in the top for the lollipops. I think it really topped off the outfit :) He also printed wonka stickers and put them on little candy bars so that I could pass out Wonka bars. I lastly used a pool cue stick as a cane. Really I was down to the wire with this one. Work has been really stressful and my hobbies have fallen to the wayside. I ended up hot glue gunning parts, safety pinning and using cardboard to expedite the process and get the desired look for the jacket. All and all it's just a costume and Halloween fun!

My costume was put into a costume slide show at burdastyle.com. You can vote for Willamenia Wonka at: http://www.burdastyle.com/albums/117/images?page=16&size=small

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