Monday, November 30, 2009

Jewlery Organizer Thing Tutorial

I have been doing a lot of such so now I am back to sewing. Last week I made this jewelry organizer. I needed an organizer for all my jewelry and accessories. At my old place I kept all my crap in the bathroom, but now I am keeping it in my room. I looked around for a jewelry organizer, but everything was too expensive. I looked at and took my friends Alex's idea and came up with this. It is such a simple project and cost me around $9. I used extra fabric from the pencil skirt I made.

Time: A few hours
Items needed:
A wooden dowel
2 screws
Cup Hooks (3-6+)
Stain ( optional)
Fabric (1/4 of a yard) that you can poke holes in
A drill and saw(or a man with tools)
Step 1: Find space on a wall. Measure the wall to see how long and wide you want the organizer. This will determine the size of the fabric.

Step 2: I bought a 36 inch wooden dowel and sawed it in half evenly to make 2 18inch dowels.
Decide how many hooks you want at the bottom and drill that many holes in just 1 of the do wells. Drill a hole in each side of the other dowel.

Step 3: I decided to stain the dowels in a dark reddish color. Let dry.

Step 4: Take the hooks and screw them into the holes. Set aside.

Step 5: Take the fabric and hem all sides. Fold over the top of the fabric so that there would be enough room to put a dowel in. Pin and sew.

Step 6: You will now need to straps for the bottom. You could use ribbon or a tough synthetic straps. I used extra fabric from the fabric. Decide the desired width and length. Sew and then sew onto the bottom of the large piece of fabric and at the desired position. (Make sure they are long enough so dowel fits through with hooks)

Step 7: Take the dowel with the 2 holes at the end. Take your ribbon and screws and screw 1 side of the ribbon to one end and the other to the other end. Tie at top so that you have something to put over the nail.

Step 8: Put dowels through. Hammer in nail. Hang from nail!!!!!!! Yeah :)

Step 9: Poke holes for the earrings and start hanging all your lovely things.

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